How to make submission on Open Journal Systems

So in this document, we will try to show you how to submit an article with Open Journal Systems (OJS). The system in OJS looks simple, but in reality in the OJS system the article submission process requires several steps so that the article can be published properly in your OJS.

First Login
Create new submission

After that, select “New Submission” to start submitting our article submission.
Start step

Step 1, after opening the page, fill in the requested data (mandatory) and the rest.

  • And if it is filled, select “Save and continue”

Upload Submission step

Step 2, select the Article Component * that you want to select. Then upload the file you want to send. Then Press Continue.

In the “Review Details” step, we can change the name of the file to be sent (if you want). If done, press Continue.

In the “Review Details” step, we can change the name of the file to be sent (if you want). If
done, press Continue.


In the “Confirm” step, we can add more files (if there are other files that we want to add). If
you are sure, press Complete.


If there are more files you want to add, you can press “Upload File”. And then click “Save and
continue” when done. Like the example image below.


Enter Metadata step

Step 3, in the Enter Metadata step. fill in the desired data and if so, select “Save and continue”

Tips : 

Confirmation step

Step 4, in the Confirmation step, if you are sure, you can press “Finish Submission”.

Next Steps end of step

And your article has been submitted to the OJS journal. You have to wait for your submission (article) to be reviewed by the admin / journal owner, the Journal Manager, the Journal Editor, and the Production editor.