Registration on JHSS website

Apr 12, 2023

In order to avoid ghost registrations, kindly contact the Journal Website Manager ( or Journal Editor ( for assistance. 

Online submission, review and publication of the manuscript articles

Jul 2, 2022

Dear Authors, Readers, Editors and the Public,

JHSS now conducts all its manuscript processing activities via the journal's website at

You are welcome to register to JHSS to become an active member, submit manuscript article(s) to JHSS, and review submitted and assigned manuscript article(s), and reading published article(s). 


Prof Amani Lusekelo

Change in Name and Scope: Bright Future for Researchers

Dec 9, 2021

Announcement to Readers, Authors, Reviewers and the General Public

The Journal of Education, Humanities and Sciences (JEHS), will be known as Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences (JHSS), from January 2022: JHSS will receive manuscripts from fields in humanities and social sciences. Kindly be informed that JHSS maintain the same status (International) and serialization as JEHS.

Editorial Note