In the academic world I tend to give too much weight to journals. I like journals to the
point that I may be accused to giving them an over-estimated weight in the process of
learning or acquiring new knowledge. I may be accused of the fallacy of non causa pro
causa. Nevertheless I am not arguing that we can only learn new things from journals. I also
trust and like books but this does not change my faith in journals. My first serious
encounter with journal was in 1980 where I read an article on empiricism (this was article
on Karl R. Popper written by Karel Williams in the journal of Economy and Society Vol. 4, No
3, 1975). Since then I developed more interest in journals after reading 19th century
journals in the School of Oriental and African Studies library and after discovering that
there were even older journals than the 19th century journals. My final baptism into journals
came in 1998 when I encountered many English journals in Hitotsubashi University library
in Tokyo. By this time I had already founded the Tanzania Journal of Population Studies and
Development, which I have been editing since 1995.
I was prompted to initiate the publication of the current journal after I was appointed Dean
of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences in University Dar es Salaam in the current
triennium at the University of Dar es Salaam. DUCE was lacking journal and other
publications and I have always argued that a university should first be gauged by it
publications (journals and books) which should reflect scientific research.
As the founder of this journal I must also mention my academic mentors (Professor Isaria N.
Kimambo, Professor Abel Ishumi and Professor Gelase Mutahaba).They have always
encouraged younger scholars to publish in journals. Professor Mutahaba has particularly
encouraged me to publish articles in reputable international journals.
This note is to remind other scholars in DUCE, MUCE (Mkwawa University College of
Education), and the whole University of Dar es Salaam to champion the publication of
international and reputable journals in our university. They can do so by contributing
articles for publication in this and other journals, and by founding more journals.


Published: Mar 28, 2022