Editorial Note
Change in Name and Scope:
Attaining a Brighter Future for Researchers
The Senate of the University of Dar es Salaam approved the change of the name of the
Journal of Education, Humanities and Sciences (JEHS) to the Journal of Humanities and Social
Sciences (JHSS). The changes involved both the name and scope as effective from January
2022, pending the release of the first volume of 2022. Now that this issue of the journal
is released, the editorial team wishes to invite our esteemed readers to enjoy the maiden
issue of the journal in a new name and scope.
This change has been carried out not only to narrow the scope and hence make the
journal more acceptable to major databases, but also effectively share knowledge and/or
skills in the fields of humanities and social sciences. In addition, narrowing scope
enhances the journal’s visibility and competitive edge as it publishes on a focused area at
a greater depth, thereby attracting larger readership.
We would like to inform all our esteemed readers, authors, reviewers and the general
public that the new journal carries on publishing under the same series and status, i.e.,
maintain serialization and international status. Furthermore, like JEHS, the JHSS will
continue to be indexed in EBSCO and AJOL.
The new journal will be published biennially and receive manuscripts from traditional
areas of humanities, social sciences and multidisciplinary disciplines in humanities and
social sciences. It accepts contributions from the fields of anthropology, archeology,
development studies, economics, ethnographic accounts, human geography, history,
language in education, linguistics, literature, political science, and sociology.
In this volume, the journal provides contributions in the areas of lexical semantics of the
verb by Andy Chebanne, and a discourse analysis of campaign speeches delivered by exPresident Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete and Dr Wilbroad Slaa by Kelvin M. Lukanga. Both Method
Samwel and Spemba Spemba offer contributions to literary critiques: the former doing
literary critique of bongo flavor, and the latter on a novel. Pastory Bushozi, an archeologist,
offers an analysis of rock paints at Mumba. Tiemo Haule’s paper discusses issues of
household food security. All six papers contribute to discourses in either humanities
and/or social sciences. The exception is the paper by Jaqueline Amani, which is published
to accomplish backlogs of papers under the previous name of JEHS.
With a bearing set on a bright future, we warmly invite readers, authors and reviewers to
actively contribute towards the success of the newly launched Journal of Humanities and
Social Sciences.
Prof William A. L. Anangisye
Chief Editor

DOI: https://doi.org/10.56279/jhss.v11i1

Published: Dec 8, 2022